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E-investigations offers complete IT forensics services. From state-of-the-art forensic labs based in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, our e-investigators follow the trail to decipher Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from computers, mobile phones, or other digital devices. Every Digital Forensics Investigator we have possesses digital skills, but also uses tradition private investigative techniques to ensure you receive a one-stop solution to your investigative needs..... Read more »

Our Clients

Computer Forensics & eDiscovery for Law Firms

Law firms require unique handling when it comes to computer forensics and electronic discovery, although the need for…Read more »

Digital Forensics Investigation for Individuals

Our Forensic Scientists can obtain critical information from mobile phones and laptops using data recovery and advanced computer forensic software. A Digital Forensics Examiner can help you through the process of finding the information you need.

Forensics & Network Security for Financial Firms

Financial institutions face increasing threats from network breaches, from both external and internal sources. The needs can take many forms…Read more »

Experienced Investigative Firm for Private Companies

Private companies are sometimes faced with loss or exposure of important Electronically Stored Information (ESI)…Read more »

Network Breach Services for Public Companies

Release of confidential client information is a serious, constant threat for public companies….Read more »

Case Types

Family Law – Fidelity, Divorce, Child Custody  — With over fifty percent of marital infidelity starting online, the ability to properly carry out computer forensic investigations is a critical skill set provided by E-Investigators.

Intellectual Property Theft — Certain steps must be taken to prove that information was removed in violation of company policy and is being used in such a way that violates this policy. E-Investigations helps using both digital forensic and traditional private investigative services.

Non-Compete Enforcement — The enforcement of the best written non compete agreements can be difficult. Many companies are now using non-compete contracts with employees to ensure that present and former workers are not collaborating with competitors or using private company information or trade secrets at another company.

Fraud — Whether its the theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, the deletion of key files, emails and data or the hiding of assets E-Investigation’s computer forensics team will help you to gather the digital evidence you need using advanced investigation tools.

Embezzlement — You suspect that your controller is embezzling money from  your business. How do you prove it, document it and get the evidence you need?

Network Breach — For some of our clients, where the protection of intellectual property is essential to the success of the business, network testing is a fundamental aspect in preventing theft of the intellectual property.



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