Electronic Bugging of Mobile Devices

Smart Phones and other Mobile Devices

One of the biggest security concerns with mobile phone usage is the danger of mobile phone spyware. Mobile phone spy and monitoring programs can be quickly installed and can be very difficult to detect or remove. These monitoring programs can allow access and forwarding of SMS (text) messages, call history, voice mail, phone location, email, Facebook activity, Skype communications, and can even give the intruder the ability to anonymously listen to live phone calls or use your phone as a remote microphone to listen when the phone is not even powered on.

We use the latest technology to interface directly with mobile phones to look at a much deeper level of the phone than just the visible apps. We use several tools including the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro forensic phone analyzer and Paraben Device Seizure and BitPim to be able to connect to and query mobile phones, obtain and download file system dumps, and perform full physical phone images. We then use the information obtained and imaged from the phone to search it against our database of mobile phone spyware utilities, tracking apps, and monitoring programs.

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