Non-Compete Enforcement

computerforensicsDid a former employee or partner take with them more than just a severance check?

Has client information been exported, data deleted, or is active hacking of network occurring?

Do you need to enforce a non-compete agreement?

The enforcement of the best written non compete agreements can be difficult. Many companies are now using non-compete contracts with employees to ensure that present and former workers are not collaborating with competitors or using private company information or trade secrets at another company.  If you have reason to believe that a former employee has broken this contract and taken proprietary information in order to leverage it with your competitors, it is important to take action immediately to build a case that will hold up in court.

Computer forensics specialists have experience in finding the virtual evidence that’s hidden in emails, internet histories, files and networks. For example, if you suspected that a salesperson at your company downloaded customer files prior to leaving your company, a technician will acquire a forensically sound image of the device in question that can be used in court. It is important to remember that evidence can be considered contaminated if the imaging is done within the company filing a complaint, so seeking out a professional is essential to building your case. E-Investigations experts will then analyze the data found to determine what information is useful and upload it into an in-depth analysis tool that allows the client, counsel and researchers to view the recovered data.

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