When a data breach occurs, our digital investigators uncover actionable information through data acquisition; data assessment, data culling and data analysis to establish the data compromised and examine the extent. When time is of the absolute essence, you can trust our IT forensics experts to gather the critical evidence necessary to analyze your case. Our team at EInvestigations has unparalleled experience using electronic discovery processes and forensic computer analyst software to collect and preserve data in the event of a breach. Our Enterprise Review System is designed to facilitate an intuitive and efficient review for projects of any size with a user interface and scalable, enterprise grade technology. This technology allows users to:

  1. Have the system running within minutes with minimal training.
  2. Focus on electronic discovery documents rather than complex functionality.
  3. Review files in TIFF, Native and PDF.
  4. Search with key words and full-text functionality.
  5. Customize tags for content capture and collaboration.
  6. Rapidly reduce electronically stored information volume through advanced culling filters.
  7. Search and manage files in any language Unicode and foreign language support.
  8. Create production sets for litigation, audits and investigations in multiple formats.

Our Forensic Analysis Method

At EInvestigations, our digital investigators are always thinking one step ahead of the crisis at hand to enhance the security for your company during a data breach. Following all federal and state regulations for analyzing electronically stored information, our IT forensics specialists have the experience to interpret the findings into a comprehensive report that can be presented in court. Contact us today!