Mobile phones and smartphones can contain large amounts of relevant information for an E-Investigation. These mobile devices can be the key source of contact between parties. Regardless if the communication is in the form of text or email, the evidence may be recoverable regardless of whether it has been deleted or not. The only way to know what is in the mobile device is to perform a technically correct forensic image of the device for electronic discovery.

E-Investigations will discuss with you the details of your case. What is the basis of your request? First, is the mobile device in question recoverable? Many major standard cellular phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices can be imaged, data extracted, and the details of the devices downloaded and put in a format that is most usable for you. However, some phones and smart devices can’t be recovered. Call a E-Investigations professional to determine if your device’s data can be recovered.
Create a proper forensic copy of the mobile device is critical in the process. The tools available online can sometimes recover a few text messages, however, the do not create an extensive recovered copy that is usable in court. Imaging a smartphone is similar to the process that we use to image a computer hard drive as smartphones and laptops are becoming more and more similar. If the case may end up in court, we recommend keeping a forensic copy of the digital image. This allows you the comfort of knowing that your evidence is safe, secure, and ready for court.
Once the forensic image is created, we extract the information and put it in a format that is searchable and can be reviewed in a quick and intelligent fashion. The reports highlight the deleted emails and text messages. The reports also report on web history, documents, searches, and other discoverable digital information.

  • Sample Mobile Phone Report — This report shows the analysis of a mobile phone. This phone provided lists including calls made and received, the phonebook and SMS messages. Others may contain more including calendars, pictures, and recordings. Not all data types are available or can be recovered from all phones.
  • Sample Chat Report — Some chat programs log the conversations that take place. This report shows what information may be found on computers that have been used to chat via the Internet.

E-Investigations uses the latest technology to interface directly with mobile phones to look at a much deeper level of the phone than just the visible apps. We use several tools including the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro forensic phone analyzer and Paraben Device Seizure and BitPim to be able to connect to and query mobile phones, obtain and download file system dumps and perform full physical phone images for mobile forensics. We then use the information obtained and imaged from the phone to search it against our database of mobile phone spyware utilities, tracking apps and monitoring programs.

Cases handled by E-Investigations have included:

  • iPhone forensics including recovery of phone logs, contact lists, text, email, web history, and images
  • Android-based smartphone including recovery of phone logs, contact lists, text, email, web history, and images
  • Microsoft CE based smart phone including phone logs, contact lists, text, email, web history, and images
  • Non-Smart, basic cellular phones, including recovery of text, phone logs, and contact lists

Make sure you choose a licensed and certified provider! An improper gathering of the mobile forensic information by someone without a Private Investigators’ license and certification as a Digital Forensic Expert can compromise the use of information in civil or criminal court.

The E-Investigations mobile forensic tools are high-end, one source solutions for the electronic discovery of electronically stored information such as texts, emails, web history, phone directory, and other type of data stored on today’s mobile devices. Our tools can oftentimes recovery user passwords and GPS locations.

E-Investigations can handle over 3,000 different types of cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices.

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