E-Investigations understands that enterprise content and data management solutions are not a “one-size fits all.”   Big Data has become a key basis of competition, growth, and security, and is rapidly becoming a disruptive force that will change your current data management methods.

As a leading provider of Big Data Processing and Analytics with a SaaS -based delivery of eDiscovery, litigation support, and collaborative technology solutions, E-Investigations has extensive experience customizing enterprise solutions for top Fortune 500 companies and AMLaw 200 law firms to meet their challenges of Big Data management.

Before processing, ESI is preserved in the platform in a defensible and auditable manner.  Cloud storage allows the data to be accessed by authorized collaborators from anywhere with an internet connection allowing online collaboration and content management.

Cloud storage provides many advantages to clients including:

  • Only paying for storage that is actually in use
  • No physical installation of storage devices or software to access the evidence archive.
  • Data can be shared and co-authored from anywhere, whether it is the office down the hall or an office over seas.
  • Team members can work together simultaneously with the same data and provide real time updates.  Tagged data with keywords and search terms will be updated on  your collaborators work product increasing productivity by decreasing work-arounds for sharing and content.

Understanding the time and the heavy cost associated with front-end processing of Big Data and large collections, for a simple and predictable price, we convert large native datasets from PST and user files to TIFF or PDF with a standard load file of choice with the E-Investigations.

Pure Native Processing includes:

  • ESI Processing & Culling
  • Extraction of archive contents, de-duplication, de-Nisting
  • Date, Concept, & Keyword Filtering
  • Standard Load File Creation

Data Processing

  • extraction of data from image files such as Encase or Ghost Images
  • extraction of PST files from MS Exchange EDB databases
  • conversion non-PST/OST mail into MSG items
  • full exception reporting with consultation

Enhanced Performance

  • proprietary and patented ESI HPC Processing Engine
  • message processing
  • compressed archive processing
  • file hashing for de-duplication
  • de-NIST
  • legacy long file name handling
  • introspection of virtually every data type

Our Enterprise Review System is designed to facilitate an intuitive and efficient review for
projects of any size. Our clean, web-based user interface and highly scalable, enterprise-
grade technology platform allows users to:

  • Be up and running within minutes – with no plug-ins and minimal training
  • Focus on documents rather than complex functionality
  • Review files in TIFF, native, and PDF
  • Search with powerful full-text and keyword functionality
  • Customize tagging for content capture, analysis and workflows
  • Rapidly reduce ESI volume through advanced culling filters directly on Enterprise Review System
  • Search and manage files in any language with Unicode and foreign language support
  • Create production sets for litigation, audits and investigations in multiple formats

From two-party to multi-party complex matters, eliminate the logistics of paper production and delivery and manage all your PRP litigation matters with E-Investigations
eServe, a case management platform designed to support key litigation functions such as service of pleadings, court orders and discovery productions. Based on a monthly subscription, this includes:

  • Unlimited Postings, Users, Downloads, Storage
  • Monthly Activity Reports
  • Quality Control Audit Reports
  • Export productions in Native, TIFF or PDF formats
  • File flattening of redactions, branding and bates numbering
  • Standard load file support

Data Recovery

Expert Witness