You terminated an employee, but you think that they took more with them than just a severance check?  Whether its the theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, the deletion of key files, emails and data or the hiding of assets E-Investigations’ computer forensics team will help  you to gather the digital evidence you need.

With 25 years of expert testimony in hundreds of cases, E-Investigations understands the intricacies of the complex civil dispute. E-Investigations’s licensed computer forensics experts will examine the ESI (electronically stored information) and gather the evidence you need to prove your case in court.  Whether the evidence is on laptops, desktops, servers, external drives or smart phones, E-Investigations’s highly trained examiners will extract the data, analyze it and provide clear and concise reporting on the findings.

You suspect that your controller is embezzling money from  your business. How do you prove it, document it and get the evidence you need? Much of the evidence is in the form of ESI (Electronically Stored Information). Through computer forensics techniques and tools, a highly skilled E-Investigations E-Investigator can obtain the digital evidence you need to prove your case.

When embezzlement is being committed, the perpetrator will take great lengths to cover their tracks.  Even when the evidence is not obvious, a computer forensics examination by a licensed investigator can often recover deleted files and emails and help to piece together the puzzle of how the crime was (or is still being) committed.

The enforcement of the best written non compete agreements can be difficult. Many companies are now using non-compete contracts with employees to ensure that present and former workers are not collaborating with competitors or using private company information or trade secrets at another company. If you have reason to believe that a former employee has broken this contract and taken proprietary information in order to leverage it with your competitors, it is important to take action immediately to build a case that will hold up in court.

Computer forensics specialists have experience in finding the virtual evidence that’s hidden in emails, internet histories, files and networks. For example, if you suspected that a salesperson at your company downloaded customer files prior to leaving your company, a technician will acquire a forensically sound image of the device in question that can be used in court.

With over fifty percent of marital infidelity starting online, the ability to properly carry out computer forensic investigations is a critical skill set provided by E-Investigators.
Certain steps must be taken to prove that information was removed in violation of company policy and is being used in such a way that violates this policy. E-Investigations helps using both digital forensic and traditional private investigative services.
For some of our clients, where the protection of intellectual property is essential to the success of the business, network testing is a fundamental aspect in preventing theft of the intellectual property.

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