If you ask the average person what is one thing they couldn’t live without on a daily basis, most people would say their cell phones. Mobile devices and smartphones have become an everyday necessity for us. These devices now know more about us than the people closest to us. You should always know that smartphones can be used for both good and bad. Like most everything in the world, there are positives and negatives to these devices.

During a criminal investigation, cell phone forensics can be the key source of contact between parties. The devices already carry a ton of relevant information that can be used in an e-investigation regardless of if the communication was through text or email. The evidence may be recoverable regardless of whether you think it has been deleted or not. In cyberspace, rarely is any information permanently deleted. There is always a carbon copy floating around, so be careful what you type into the device.

The only way to know what is on the mobile device is to take a forensic image of the device for electronic discovery. After we properly assess the evidence, we can then discuss details of the case with you. If the device is recoverable, then we would proceed to forensic mobile imaging to create a proper copy of the device in question. Finally, after we perform cell phone forensics we are able to extract the information and put into a format that is searchable and can be quickly be reviewed by you, the client.

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