An expert witness is defined as a very powerful source of evidence in court. Usually, that witness is an expert in the field which is being discussed in the case. eInvestigations have been involved in many cases where we’ve needed to justify something said or evidence based on the data found.


Most of the time during a deposition, it’s often just a “he said, she said” conversation. Without hard facts and evidence to prove a case, you better have a lawyer who can actually perform magic. With documented forensic facts, A judge or jury is more likely to make a better decision because the data discovered is so blatant.


When you hire eInvestigations, our digital forensic experts will spend some time will all of the electronic devices in evidence. They will get familiar with everything that is being presented to them and create a report for our clients explaining our findings. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what questions to ask us. We will prepare you with the right questions and deliver the right answers needed to win your case.


Digital Forensic Experts use these techniques:



Our Expert Witnesses will testify as to the accuracy of the data, the methods used to acquire it, and how it impacts the case. We’ve testified on hundreds of trials that needed digital forensic experts and have the necessary poise and expertise to handle uncomfortable conditions like cross-examinations or scrutiny from the bench.