In today’s society, technology is a necessity in our daily lives and the industry is rapidly growing. When it comes to today’s technology, very few things exist that don’t rely on technology. Not to mention, computers and smartphones are the most popular digital devices which influence our daily lives and their utility is still growing rapidly. As we already know, there are many illegal activities going on through these devices. Also, these devices can play an important role to collect evidence and information required to solve a criminal case. Therefore, we should know what to do if a case requires an electronic investigation.

In this case, our one stop solution is to consult an e-Forensics Technician. An e-forensic technician is a person who is trained to investigate digital devices like computers, mobile phones, etc. and gather the evidences. There are many e-Forensics services available online. E-Investigations is one of the organizations providing professional and accurate Digital Forensic Services. Services include forensic imaging, e-Discovery, digital debugging, network forensics, data recovery and many more. Forensic imaging is the process of simulating the original crime scene and examining a complete copy of the data obtained by a computer forensic expert.

In case of a real crime, all the necessary e-investigation methods are followed in order to solve a case. Let’s discuss how a forensic technician solves a case. First of all, the forensic technician understands the actual crime scene. Then, he/she starts the process of forensic imaging. After this, other methods are applied to extract evidences for the case. This is why forensic technicians can be the superstars your case needs.