Computer forensics is the practice and application of collecting, analyzing and reporting digital data for defensible access and electronic discovery. At Einvestigations, our experienced digital investigators follow a set electronic discovery process to find and expose the digital fingerprints left behind in emails, Internet histories, files and networks. This electronically stored information is then extracted by professionals and is usable in a court of law if legal action and expert witness is needed. Regardless of whether or not your electronically stored information is trapped in laptops, desktops, external drives, backup tapes, cellular phones, smart phones, servers, hosted drives or shared folders, our digital investigators are positioned to harvest the electronically stored information for e-investigation and data recovery. We utilize the latest in forensic science tools and computer forensics software to provide you with the best in Einvestigations and electronic discovery available.

How Does Computer Forensics Software Work?

At Einvestigations, we work with you to understand your case in depth. As the first step in any electronic discovery case, we will discuss and assess your situation to gain a better understanding of what you believe has happened. Your digital investigators will gather the necessary information on your case, interview relevant witnesses and establish the proper framework for data recovery. The assessment phase also allows our digital investigators to develop a scope of the project with realistic goals for the computer forensic investigation. After electronic discovery, the data is analyzed for content with results written up in a comprehensive report highlighting the situation and all parties involved. How do you get started? Call us today to speak to one of our digital investigators at (877) 305-4935.