There are many security concerns with mobile phone usage as mobile spyware programs can be easily installed and are very difficult to detect or remove. These spyware programs can gain access to your SMS (text) messages and enable automatic forwarding, as well as access your call history, voice mail, phone location, email, social media activity and more. Some spyware systems even allow the intruder to listen to live phone calls or use your phone as a remote microphone when your phone is powered off.

At Einvestigations, we use the latest technology to interface directly with mobile phones to see what is going on beyond your apps. Our tools include Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro Analyzer, Paraben Device Seizure, and BitPim that seamlessly connected and query your mobile devices to obtain and download full phone images. We use the electronic discovery information obtained to search it against our database of mobile phone spyware utilities, tracking apps, and monitoring programs.

How Do Cell Phone Forensics Work?

At Einvestigations, we have the experience in IT forensics, cell phone forensics, and electronic discovery to handle the complex scanning process that identify, document and remove “digital bugs”. Once the malware has been removed, our digital investigators analyze your existing security systems, policies and procedures to determine the best steps for protection. Call our digital investigators today at (877) 305-4935 to discuss your cell phone forensics needs.