At EInvestigations, we can help your data recovery, electronic discovery, and forensic computer needs with our team of digital investigators who are experienced in all aspects of a computer forensic investigation, including data recovery. In some electronic discovery cases, there is missing data that has often been destroyed by someone who does not want you to follow the digital footprint. Someone might try to physically delete the data and damage the drives by dropping them, or exposing them to fire, water or magnets. When someone has intentionally damaged the drives, it’s time to call a certified computer examiner who is also certified in data recovery to begin the forensic computer recovery process. At EInvestigations, our digital investigators have successfully handled a variety of data recovery cases, including:

  • Data recovery of financial information on a smashed drive
  • Data recovery of client files that were thrown into a pool
  • Data recovery of Auto CAD files that were exposed to heat, smoke and water

Our Data Recovery Methods

When your data recovery involves information that is relevant to a criminal or civil matter, it’s important to hire a certified computer examiner for your digital forensic investigation. Our digital investigators work to recover your data using a variety of data recovery methods that can recover deleted data from any type of drive, including damaged drives. Whether the data recovery is needed on a computer hard drive, USB key, cell phone or even a copy machine, our digital investigators are experts at data recovery to ensure that the recovered information is usable in court, if necessary.