As spyware and malware software continues to evolve, the risk of “digital bugging” has never been greater. These “digital bugs” are designed to spy on your content or active keystrokes without the need for physical access to the network or your computer. “Digital Bugs” can be picked up on the Internet or unknowingly downloaded from an email and installed within a few seconds. Even with the best efforts and intentions, “digital bugs” can transmit large volumes of private and critical information to competitors, former employees and other unauthorized intruders. With these concerns in mind, it’s of greater importance to contact our team of digital investigators at the first sign of a “bug”. Our certified IT forensics experts are positioned to handle the complex scanning of your networks, desktops, tablets and mobile devices to identify, document and remove these “bugs”.

Inside The Digital Debugging Process

Identifying “digital bugs” is only the first step of the digital debugging process. Once the malware has been removed, our digital investigators analyze your existing security systems, policies and procedures to determine the best steps for protection. Next, we’ll introduce your network to new technologies, computer forensics software and policies to keep your data secure, while monitoring, updating and testing the implemented solutions.

Is My Mobile Phone Bugged?

Contact our digital investigators today to inquire about our digital debugging services. We provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date computer forensics software to remove “digital bugs” and keep your data secure. Call EInvestigations at (877) 305-4935.